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✔️ Delivery

Most people still have to work, and by the time work is over, everyone just wants to get home. Offer delivery or curbside pickup to get your customers what they need. 

✔️ Check in

At a time when everyone wants to stay away from other people, maintain/strengthen the relationship you have with your customers simply by checking in with them. This can be via email or through social media posts. Let them know you appreciate them and you are thinking about them during this time.

✔️ Provide updates on stock

Depending on your product or service – if you are out of stock or not available, make sure to let your customers know. When you’re back in stock, alert your customers! They’ll either rush in for what they need or ask you to deliver if you provide that service.

✔️ Provide a sanitation station

Fit your entrance and exit with hand sanitizers to minimize surface transmission and enhance shopper’s peace of mind. Mention this in your social media posts so people know you’re prepared. They’ll tend to shop where they feel safer.

✔️ Alert your customers about hours

Are you reducing/extending your hours of service? Let your customers know by posting alerts online.

✔️ Turn physical events to online events

Since it is recommended to cancel all events, think of how you can turn your physical event to online events. For example, if you are a gym and you have to close, you could do a live streaming of one of your classes. Be creative.