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TouqueE-mail marketing can help retain customers, keep members informed, increase sales, fill seats, raise brand visibility and help grow any business. But before you rush off to launch your campaign, you’ll need to put your thinking cap on.

For your campaign to be successful, you have to think through 3 important steps:

  • Your campaign goals
  • Your campaign type
  • Your campaign message

Your campaign goals
For each email marketing campaign it is important to establish the core business goals that need to be achieved with the various email-marketing campaigns. Here’s some examples of campaign goals for you:

  • Increase awareness of your services or products
  • Retain current customers
  • Inform current customers
  • Build awareness of a new product or service
  • Increase usage of a current product or service

Your campaign type
When you’ve decided on you campaign goal, you can determine the type of the email campaign that you want to send out. You have several choices here and some of them are:

  • e-newsletters
  • service announcements
  • new product announcements
  • seasonal promotions
  • coupons
  • holiday greetings
  • press releases
  • invitations

Your campaign message
Depending on which type of campaign you pick, you now need to create your message. The message should be simple and brief, but effective. This list may help you come up with some ideas:

  • articles
  • relevant news and events
  • customer stories
  • how-to articles or tutorials
  • frequently asked questions

Putting your thinking cap on and considering these 3 steps will go a long way to ensuring your e-mail marketing success.