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For spas, salons, and any other service related business repeat business is the key to building a strong customer base and continually driving sales. In order to achieve this, it is important to engage with customers.

But, what’s the perfect way to engage with customers?

Since modern customers are highly mobilized and prefer accessing information on the go, the right marketing channel for attracting these customers is SMS. SMS marketing is inarguably more effective than traditional marketing channels in capturing the attention of customers and engaging with them. It allows spas and salons to cultivate healthy relationships with their customers and offer them special deals that may compel them to get pampered. Here a few ways spas and salons can use SMS marketing.

1.    Exclusive Discounts and Coupons

Customers love a good deal. Have them text a specific keyword to a certain number to join a VIP program to get exclusive deals via text message. Sending special time-sensitive coupons through SMS is a good way to bring customers to your salon or spa. Here’s an example message:

“Get a FREE cleaning mask today at XYZ Salon. This offer is valid for July 5 only. Reply YES if you want to reserve a session”

2.    Event Promotion

Hosting an event? Let your customers know about it via SMS. Events are perfect for promoting a new procedure or product. You can also raise awareness about how your salon or spa can help people achieve beautiful skin and healthy living. By sending a text message to your subscribers, you can ensure that the people who are actually interested in your business would attend the event. A sample message could read:

”Want to learn the secrets of looking younger for longer? Join the experts at our FREE seminar at XYZ Spa, this Sunday at 3 pm! Enjoy sampling our products and procedures as well”

3.    Beauty Tips

Send beauty tricks and tips to your subscribers every week to keep the name of your salon or spa on your customers’ mind. It also allows you to show off your expertise in the business and demonstrate that you’re actually interested in helping out customers. Keep the tips valuable and simple. If you run a blog, you can also promote your posts through SMS marketing.

These are just a few ways spas and salons can use SMS marketing to promote their business. If you’re interested in learning more about how SMS marketing works for spas and salons, contact us. We can also help you set up an SMS marketing campaign for your spa or salon.