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Unlike e-commerce stores, brick-and-mortar establishments cannot access many digital analytics and marketing tools. Fortunately, a tool called ‘social WiFi” has provided physical locations with the opportunity to use digital technology for capturing demographic and behavior data of customers. That data can be used to create more fruitful marketing campaigns. If you are interested in knowing how you can use social WiFi to your benefit, read on and see how social WiFi can help you in marketing.

Social WiFi Marketing

Accessing the WiFi network on a retail location like café or restaurant is not something new. Many retailers just tell the password of their WiFi device to customers so that they can access it. While your customers will love you for having free WiFi, by simply giving them your WiFi password (or having none at all), you lose out on many potential benefits. Realizing the potential of WiFi marketing, some retailers have set up their WiFi networks with a splash page that appears at the signup. This page asks customers to connect to the WiFi through their account on a social media platform like Facebook and Twitter. Signingin to WiFi through a social media account is what’s called a social WiFi.

When a customer signs in using a social media platform like Facebook, they give the business access to their demographic information. A business can see who their customers are, access their contact information and analyze their behavior on their WiFi network. This enables them to target their customer through social ads, surveys, and emails.

How Social WiFi Benefits a Business

Social WiFi marketing improves the ability of a business to connect with their customers and understand them. They can collect behavior and demographic data, increase engagement of customers with their business and send them more personalized marketing message. A few benefits that a business can get from social WiFi include the following:

Understand Customers

Since behavior and demographic data of customers can be collected through social WiFi, it allows a business to understand who their customers are and what they like. They can identify repeat customers and get a sense of how the length of a customer’s visit. These insights can be used to create more targeted marketing campaigns that are likely to have a greater success ratio.

Increasing Branding Presence

Through email and digital marketing campaigns such as SMS, a business can stay fresh in their customers’ mind. Updates about special offers and discounts can also be sent to customers.

Build Relationships

With the rich insights about customers at their disposal, businesses can craft personalized messages and deliver them to specific customers. They can build relationships with their customers by staying connected with them through email or ads. For instance, when a customer buys a product from the store, the store owner can send them a message thanking them for visiting.

If you currently offer free WiFi to your customers, social WiFi can turn that free service into something that pays you back.