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With more and more restaurants opening up every day, getting top of mind recall from customers has become more important than ever. A restaurateur may have the ideal location, great chefs and the perfect menu, but what are they doing to market their business? There isn’t a single restaurant that can survive without demand.

There are several different marketing channels used by restaurants for acquiring new customers, from email to social media and traditional advertisement. Email marketing is powerful, but the downside of sending emails is that there is no guarantee if the customer would actually read them. The problem with social media advertising is that a customer won’t see the ads unless they’re actually using a social media platform. Traditional advertising through billboards, flyers, radio, etc. is expensive. So, what should restaurateurs use to promote their business? The answer is SMS marketing.

SMS marketing allows a restaurateur to send a message directly to the customers’ pocket. With an open rate of 98%, there’s a high probability that every message they send will be read by the customer. Many of the other marketing channels cannot hold up to these stats. There are several ways SMS marketing can be used by restaurants. Here we will discuss just a few to give you an idea of how SMS marketing works in restaurants.

Promoting Special Offers Through a Text Message

A text message allows restaurants to send special offers to customers. Moreover, messages can be personalized so that it feels like the restaurant is connecting with a customer on a more personal level. Customers feel wanted and special when they receive a personalized message.

The best thing about SMS marketing is that bulk SMS campaigns can be created that’ll do just this – include the name of the customer in a message and send them a personalized offer. Here’s an example message:

“Hi Justin, hope you’re doing well. This weekend we’re offering a big discount – 20% off on all orders. So, bring your friends or family to enjoy the delicious food”

Send a Satisfaction Survey

Want to know how well you did or want to increase positive social media reviews? Instead of asking your guests to fill out a feedback form, send them a text asking for their feedback in a quick survey or ask them to leave a review on your social media pages.

Using a VIP Program

Some customers may be interested in receiving exclusive offers that aren’t open to the general public. For that purpose, a restaurant can use a VIP program and invite those customers to join the program. It’ll keep the customers happy and allow the restaurateur to promote their exclusive offers to people who’re actually interested in them.

This is how SMS marketing works in a restaurant. Do you see how this type of marketing can help restaurants promote their business? If you’re interested in setting up SMS marketing for your restaurant, reach out to us.