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Re-opening your business?

Let us help.

We provide a guaranteed way to get in front of your customers so you can relaunch your business and start driving sales as quickly and affordably as possible.
Let us show you how!

Now, more than ever you need a system to drive sales – not just hope that things will go back to the way they were.

For your relaunch to be successful you need a system that will do three things:


Ensure that your most profitable customers see your business offers. We’re able to reach your ideal customer most likely to spend money with you.


Your customers sign up to receive a special offer and we collect their information so you can follow up longterm, allowing your advertising dollars to work longer.


Our proprietary system sends SMS and email reminders to keep your customers coming back. We’re able to send you happy customers on a consistent basis!

This is what our done-for-you service does for you.



Custom coupons and offers with complete trackability, so you can see the results of your marketing.



Capture important customer dates such as anniversary & birthdays and easily send automated trackable offers.



Reward your customers for coming back either by the amount they spend or the number of visits. No downloads or apps required!



Grow your visibility and have fun with your customers by running a contest. Find out what matters most to your customers by sending them a survey.

Our service is affordable

Services start at only $297 per month.

Book a no-obligation time to have a chat about how we can help you have a successful relaunch!

(Seriously, I won’t try to ‘sell’ you anything. I hate that don’t you?)

What’s it like to work with me?

“Our analytics has shown we have grown over 100% in a year and we owe a great deal of it her design ideas, as well as her work ethic to complete her tasks in a short period of time. Her follow up help was invaluable too. She doesn’t just end her business relationship after payment. She offered her time and insight as a follow up afterwards that has continued to help us grow to this day.”

“Barb truly cares about people in general, not just as a client. Her personality is always very pleasant and I consider her a genius when it comes to knowing what your business may be lacking in showing it off properly to the public through the media. Barb knows the little things that just increases the opportunity to becoming more successful. I am so appreciative for what she has done for the growth of our business that I wanted the world to know what a truly amazing and gifted company she has created to help other businesses grow beyond even their expectations.”

Doug & Audrey Wojcik

Who Let the Dogs Out