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Hand raised counting 3 fingersCompanies use new and social media marketing to get new customers and keep the ones they have. New and social media marketing is an ideal, cost-effective method for doing just that but often business owners go about it all wrong.

They use their autoresponders, blogs, e-newsletters and social media outlets as nothing more that digital sales flyers or advertisements. This misuse of these powerful strategies will turn your customers off and have them dropping their subscription to your messages like the proverbial “hot potato”.
To really succeed with new and social media marketing, you’ve got to do three things and they need to be done in this order:
1. Let your customers and prospects get to know you.
People like to buy from people they know and trust. It’s easy to remain anonymous on the internet but if you’ve got something to sell, hiding behind your web page is going to get you nowhere. Let people know who you are. Share something interesting about yourself and your business. No, you don’t have to divulge the numbers to your Swiss bank account but letting people know about you builds trust.

2. Give them relevant, valuable information.
If your business is rendering a professional service, you probably have learned lots of good tips your clients could use. Share them and your clients will thank you for them. Sharing useful tips positions you as an expert. Someone once told me that gurus don’t come down off the mountain looking for followers, the followers go looking for the guru. Wouldn’t it be nice to have clients come looking for you rather than you having to chase them down?

3. Then present your sales message.
No one likes to be “sold to”. Because I’m in the business of new and social media marketing and need to keep abreast of the industry, I subscribe to countless online newsletters and autoresponders. I can’t begin to tell you how many of them I receive that, when I see them arrive in my inbox, I say to myself, “What are they going to try to sell me today.” Do you want your customers to feel that way about the messages you send to them? I certainly hope not!

Once your customers know you and recognize you as an expert in your field, they will be more receptive to hearing your sales message.

Of course it’s alright to tell your customers about your specials, sales, events and announcements but don’t let that be the only reason to communicate with them. Show them who you are, give them something they can use and then they will buy.

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